Q. How do I view photos?

A. Simply click on the "Viewing Gallery" link at the very top of this page or. A new page will open requesting your unique key. This is found on your order envelope. After you type in the password you will be able to view your child's photo. There is also a box on our home page to enter your password.

Q. Can I preview the class photos?

A. Due to the processes we use when photographing students we are unable to show you previews of the class photos which make up part of the Memorymate only. The reason for this is we would have to manually assign the correct class photo to each student individually which would take many many hours per school. The cost of the photography packages would then be substantially more in order to recover the hours spent. Rest assured, the class photo will be of excellent quality.

Q. Why can't I just get the traditional class photo?

A. As we are photographing a whole school within a short space of time, we need to be very organised and have extremely effective processes. The philosophy behind Milestones is to provide a service that is simpler, more convenient and more productive, through the use of cutting edge technologies. To this end, we have each student's information provided to us prior to the photo shoot day. When they pass by us, we scan their barcode and that brings up their data. We then photograph that student and the photograph is assigned to that data package. The student then heads to the class photo area where they're organised by height. A class photo is then taken. A standard class with 30 students takes us approx. 4 minutes to photograph each student and take the class photo. This equates to 10-15 seconds per student for their individual photo and 60 seconds for the class photo. If we were to then try and make a note of each student's name, where they are standing or sitting, which row, etc. this would add at least 5-10 minutes to the process. With our method we are able to provide the school with the turnaround they require as well as offer what we believe is a better class photo option, the Memorymate. 5-10 minutes may not sound like a lot but when we are photographing 1000+ students in the space of 4 hours it makes a huge difference.

On top of that, we are able to offer unprecedented student safety in regards to the viewing of their images. Only a person with the unique password is able to access a student's image on our secure website. 

Q. How do I order photos?

A. There are three ways you can purchase photo packages and these are listed below. Regardless of the payment method all prints are delivered to the student at school. 

Pay by Credit Card or Paypal:

The simplest way to purchase print packages is through this website using Visa or Mastercard, and Paypal's secure payment gateway. Once you have logged in to view your child's image you will see the options to add packages to your shopping cart. Simply follow the prompts to complete the sale. Please note that there is a credit card surcharge of $1.50 per package when purchasing with this method.

Pay by Internet Banking:
1. Deposit the correct funds into the following account before the due date marked on the order envelope: Milestones, ANZ Bank, Whangarei, Acc# 06 0493 0368558 01.
2. Include the "School Code", the "Unique Key" and the name of the package that you are purchasing in the available reference fields of the internet deposit.
3. To ensure we receive your order correctly, please fill in the details required on the order envelope and return it to the school by the due date.

Pay by Cash (No Cheques Please):
Place the correct monies in the order envelope, tick the appropriate boxes, seal the envelope and return it to your school office by the due date. Due to time constraints and the large number of orders we are processing at any given time we are not able to accept cheques or give change so please ensure you only include the correct amount of money in the envelope. 

Q. What photo packages do you offer?

A. We offer 6 standard photo packages. These range from $25.00 - $50.00. A thorough description along with sample images can be seen by clicking the "Package Examples" link above and then clicking on "Photo Packages". Please note that there is a credit card surcharge of $1.50 per package when purchasing through this website.

Q. How soon will the finished photographs be delivered? 

A. All photographs will be delivered to each student at school in the first couple of weeks of term 2.

Q. Can I check the quality of my child’s portrait prior to ordering? 

A. Our secure online viewing method allows you to check that your child’s image is suitable prior to making a purchase. Click "Viewing Gallery" above and enter the unique key that is on your order envelope.

Q. What if I forget to send payment by the due date? 
A. In the first instance, contact us through our website. Depending on how long after the cut-off date it is, we may still be able to place your order. If it is too long after the cut-off date you can still order the photos the following year.
Q. What if I received the wrong package? 
A. If the package you received is incorrect, we’ll gladly remedy the situation. Simply contact us through this website and explain your problem. Be sure to include your child’s name, school and class, along with the unique password that was included on the order.


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