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Our service benefits schools first and foremost

We understand you have a choice when it comes to selecting a school photographer. So when we designed our service we decided that fulfilling the requirements of schools should be Milestones primary objective. Instead of using a school’s resources simply as a conduit to the parents, we thought it would be better to give some thought to what schools need.

To that end, our systems enable us to reduce the down-time a school experiences, as a result of photo days and ID’s, by up to 70%. (Based on a role of 1000 pupils that require ID cards) Our efficient, well-planned photo days, mean a hassle-free experience for your staff and students.

So what can we offer your school?

Milestones take pride in producing quality photographs. Our systems are put in place by award-winning Master Photographer Steve Sharp. We utilise the best equipment and the most up-to-date processes, ensuring a super-efficient workflow that enables us to continually and reliably deliver exceptional service, a quality product and a consistant result every time.

Milestones ID Service:
Why spend precious time correlating data with images and waiting for ID cards, only to have problems with mismatched information on the final product? With Milestones unique same-day ID service we offer a truly cost effective alternative. 

Minimal School Disruption:
We provide the most efficient, well-planned photo day, which means a hassle-free experience for your staff and students. Reduce your school’s downtime by up to 70%.

Our People:

We are committed to excellence and total customer satisfaction in our performance and we pledge to professionally carry out our responsibilities. We have established comprehensive guidelines to ensure our photographers meet the same exacting standards.

Our Processes:

The philosophy behind Milestones is to provide a service that is simpler, more convenient and more productive, through the use of cutting edge technologies. We take the workload from the school. Simply provide us with a .csv or .txt file of the required student data and we do the rest. We provide the order envelopes for distribution. Our order envelopes are individually named and conveniently bundled by class. Our productivity is increased through the use of innovative software that instantly matches digital images with data.

We are then able to provide the school with images that have each students ID number as the filename. Ideal for uploading to KAMAR or other database software.

It’s always worth talking to us. Even if you are happy with your existing school photographer, it’s a good idea to regularly review the service you are receiving to make sure your needs are being met.

“We offer a complete solution to school photography. That’s what makes us different from every other school photography company.” - Steve Sharp, Milestones Director.


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